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Sell my classic car

I want to sell my classic car quickly and with no hassle. Is that you? We want to buy your classic car today!


Get the best price for your classic car without even leaving your house. We will give you a fair and honest free online valuation and then we do all the hard work. We want to buy your classic car and we’ll even collect it ourselves from anywhere in the UK. You can sell your car fast, without stress and have cash in your pocket just by contacting us.


We love all sorts of classic cars, even if they are no longer in the best condition. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining these classic cars is rising and the time taken to keep them running and restoring them to their former glory can be unmanageable. Often the most sensible option is to sell your classic car. In that case, you want to make sure that you get the best price for your classic car. Is your classic car just sitting on your driveway or in your garage losing value when it could be sold for cash? We’ll buy your classic car, even if it’s no longer in the best condition. We offer the best price and will collect your classic car, paying you what it’s worth and in cash.



What do I need to do?


There’s 3 easy steps – Enter your registration number, receive your free vehicle valuation then we come to you and pay cash on collection. It’s that simple to get cash for your classic car.


If you accept our offer, we will come to wherever is convenient for you and collect your car, van or truck for cash. No hidden fees, no hassle, simply a fast and efficient service from an experienced, professional business.


There’s no need to meet strangers and haggle over the price. There’s no wasting your time, waiting around for someone that may never turn up or that may not buy your car, van or truck. You don’t need to spend any money advertising in newspapers or on a website. We instantly quote you a fair, honest and the best price. Then, our experienced, polite and professional staff simply arrive quickly and collect your car for the best cash price.


It’s simple and we pay you straight away, no hassle and no fuss. There’s no obligation, so why not get a free online valuation right now?


Wherever you live in the UK, if you want to sell your classic car, we collect cars for cash and will buy any car for cash. We are willing and able to travel to wherever it is convenient for you including your house, place of work or wherever your car 4 cash is. We cover the whole of the UK from Land’s End to John o’Groats, every location you may want to sell a classic car in the UK. Best of all, you just need to wait for us to come and collect your classic car for cash without even leaving your home! We even help you with the paperwork so that you can sell your car without any hassle or stress.


The very first self-powered road vehicles were powered by steam engines and by that definition Nicolas Joseph Cugnot of France built the first automobile in 1769 - recognized by the British Royal Automobile Club and the Automobile Club de France as being the first. Later, both Daimler and Benz invented highly successful and practical gasoline-powered vehicles that ushered in the age of modern automobiles. Daimler and Benz invented cars that looked and worked like the cars we use today.


At the start of the 20th century, almost every form of transport was made of wood, including boats, planes, and horse-drawn carriages. When the automobile arrived, many early examples were wood-bodied. Steel-stamping techniques slowly improved, and steel gradually replaced hardwood over time. Classic cars were built in every decade and the romance of these cars is fantastic. For example, there was an enormous amount of design talent during the 1950s. Raymond Loewy, Harley Earl, Elwood Engel - just a few who gave us styles and innovations that last to this day. The Chrysler 300, Ford Thunderbird, Chevy Impala and Corvette, all introduced in the fifties, are still with us, and the retractable hardtop has made a comeback.


What do I need to prepare so that I can sell my classic car?


Our courteous staff will help you through all of the necessary paperwork with no hassle and no fuss.
If you have them available, please collect together all the documentation that you have for your car. This documentation could include the car’s service history with all relevant receipts, MOT certificates and the V5C Registration Certificate (logbook). If you do not have a V5C certificate, you can apply for a replacement from the DVLA which will cost £25.


Moreover, if a car is SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) or untaxed then driving it on the road is against the law. This isn’t a problem for us as we buy any car, even problem cars. We’ll collect your untaxed car for the best cash price.


If your car is currently subject to a finance arrangement you will need to pay off any remaining fees before you sell it. Under most vehicle finance arrangements you are not deemed the legal owner of the vehicle until you have fully paid off the debt and therefore you are not legally entitled to sell the vehicle.
Once you have arranged all of the necessary paperwork, you will have to post your car’s log book to the DVLA central offices. When we collect your car for cash, we will help you to fill out V5C/3. We pay cash for your car and then it is essential that you transfer ownership of the vehicle immediately.


Furthermore, as well as informing the DVLA that you have sold or transferred ownership of your vehicle, you can apply for a road tax refund if there is any remaining duration on your car’s road tax disc. In order to do so, you will have to fill out a form, attach your tax disc to the form and post it to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AL.
As soon as the DVLA has received all of the necessary paperwork in order to transfer ownership of your vehicle, they will send you a letter of confirmation within four weeks. If you have any problems during this process then you should contact the DVLA to verify that your car’s log book has arrived at their offices and that your application is being processed. We offer a hassle free service if you want to sell your car quick and without stress. Our friendly staff will advise you on what to do with the paperwork and assist you to sell a car.


All you have to do to sell your car online is enter your registration number and contact details online, and we will give you a fair valuation for your car. If you accept our offer, we will come to wherever is convenient for you and collect your car for cash. No hidden fees, no hassle, simply a fast and efficient service from an experienced, professional business.


It’s the best way to sell a car!